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Welcome to the Algonquin Woodland Métis Anishinabek Tribe Web site for the Un-ceded Nation of the Descendants of the Algonquin, Nipissing and Arendahano People.  Oldest Métis Community in Canada of The Descendants of the Matriarchal Families (Clans) of the Métis Water Carriers, Anishinabek  First Families, Gen Des Terres, Slaves, Fur Traders and Settlers

Pre-1600's to 2013



This web site is our matriarchal governance, family clans and community’s “Sovereign Nation” website.


The Tribe has a not for profit corporate political lobbyist corporation the Algonquin Woodland Métis Aboriginal Tribe (Ontario Corporation) which was a economic development agent and political lobbyist corporation to advance the rights of our communities across Turtle island.  This corporation is in reorganization since OMAA was bankrupted by the Federal Government   (refer to OMAA web site). Our Not for Profit Corporation was a member of OMAA as was many of our community tribal members and the Not For profit is now associated with the other replacement group OCAP (refer to their web site) the Ontario Service Provider under the Congress of Aboriginal people (Refer to their web site).   Neither our tribe nor our not for profit corporation receives any federal, territorial or provincial findings in any province or territory.


We are supported by our own contribution as we have done since time began.  


Our Aboriginal community submitted our Comprehensive Claim to the Governments of Canada on February 11, 2009, as submitted to the Crown and copied to the United Nations, and all governments in Canada are now in Adversarial positions. The Governments refuse to fulfill their fiduciary duty to consult accommodate our historic aboriginal communities in violation of the Constitution of Canada and the Charter and International Law.  (UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights)


It is very important for readers of this web site to do their research as to what a Métis or a aboriginal person is as defined in Canada as a Métis or Aboriginal person (Sect 35 -2 Constitution of Canada, 1982, BNA  section 91 and 92  Classes of Subjects and Rule of Law.  Division of Dominion Powers)


Since 1982 there is only one Supreme Court Métis rights decision the Powley case.  (Refer to case law and Judges’ decision).


It is also important for readers to understand that there are “old Métis and new Métis”.  (Powley Case Governments statement of before or after effect control and the impact of definition again governments post 1867  Indians as defined under the INDIAN ACT, which includes non status Indian who lose “Indian” as per the Indian Act  aboriginal rights.


Please refer to the British North American Act 1867, section 91 and 92 - Classes of Subjects and the division of powers.  Métis are not included in classes of loving subject but corporate groups are ie., health units,  harbour commissions and  ships etc.


There are also Métis, my cousins of Louis Riel fame who surrendered to the Government of Canada and signed Scripts in Manitoba (Manitoba Act) and subsequently in other western territories, including those of the Métis Settlement Lands of Alberta (refer to their web site).


 So please do your research to understand that definitions of Métis and the new Buzz word Métis Status Cards and Métis Citizenship have various legal and non legal realities.  What is real and what is legal from a Western law and what is legal from the Aboriginal Law.  This is very important when you look at the only colonial case that met the test of the Supreme Court. Rights as defined by pre effective control.


The colonist coined the legal term Indian (and non Status Indian) as defined by the Indian Act,   and after 1982 Métis . It appears from their historic documents they really as governments did not worry about our sisters and brothers in the far north. Up till 1982 you were Indian or Inuit  nothing else as defined by their Acts .  Government defining races of people. 


Our Tribe defines themselves as Anishinabek as that is our primary historic language and tribal base whoever we are now mixed with most of the tribal affiliations across Turtle Island including genetic markers from central and South America the blend of the 4 sacred colors, 100 % aboriginal by our customs and traditions and now by Section 35(2) of the Constitution of Canada.


We are literally all related in the aboriginal world.


So, words for thought. 


Over the coming year as befitting the prophecies of 2012, we will be launching extensive posted documentation of our history and culture of AWMAT   and all our associated communities across Turtle Island pre 1608 to present.


Métis history as not told by the Western Society as they now call it in academia “The Culture of Whiteness” it will be the history of the “Culture of Métis or the people - Anishinabek”.


It is expected to be many months just developing the capacity through this web host to facilitate the massive data base already collected by our researchers and those working with us in prominent Universities, to publish and document our history from our cultural prospective.  


Exciting times, I hope all our relative will join in this adventure and welcome other interested persons worldwide to embrace the telling of our story. 


Our Tribal Community Membership Role data base system is just about completed to modernize this massive data base.   Please refer to our Role Membership section when it come online for reconnecting to our community.


We have the latest security Photo ID cards - Tribal Membership Role Cards in production now.    WE expect it to be a massive undertaking to get our community members access to this cards and those who have yet to register as community members.


Our community adoption protocols are just about finalized as per Anishinabek custom so please keep in mind those who self identify as one of any of the current three (3) 3 classes of aboriginal as place in Colonial Law can petition the Women’s and Elders Councils of AWMAT for adoption by custom into our nation.  We are building our nation not fractionizing our people as have been the practice of the Colonial Governments and various political lobbyist corporations profession to be  communities or nations.


Each and every one of us has to walk their own path, and a community should be supportive of this in non judgmental fashion.   We are all related and welcome home


Meegwetch Grand Chief  Wabiska Mukwa (Zane Bell)


Hereditary and Elected  oogamakan (Boss)  


Web site in major development please see each section as it comes on line      






Chief Al Marentette

Phone 613-800-3151

Email : info@awmat.org