Application and Renewal Check List

Please make sure that all the documentation below is in your envelope before mailing. If there are documents missing this could cause lengthy delays in processing your application.

New Applicants

  • Print off and fill in 3 page application.
  • Add a photocopy of your genealogy (family tree) to application.
  • Add a photocopy of a government picture ID, such as Driver’s license, passport, firearms license, etc. Either one of these is sufficient.   
  • Add a photocopy of either Long form Birth certificate or Baptismal.
  • Add 2 Passport size Pictures.
  • Add processing fees. Fees are currently $175.00 per applicant. 
  •  These fees are renewable every 5 years.

Renewing Applicants

  • Print off and fill in Renewal application
  • Add a photocopy of OMAA or Other Métis card
  • Add 2 Passport size pictures.
  • Add processing fees. Fees are currently $75.00 per applicant.
  •  These fees are renewable every 5 years.
  • Email Application To :

  • Payments are to be Made via PayPal or Credit Card Please Click on Link Below

Please Cut and Paste This Application Into a Word document.


Name of applicant: ____________________________________________________________________

                                        Last                                                              First                                                                   Middle

 Mailing Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

                                   Street                                                                                                                                          PO Box


                                             City or Town                                                  Province                                                              Postal Code


 Telephone:   home (___)_______________ work (___)___________________


Email:  ___________________________


Do you self identify as Métis?   Yes___            No___


Date of Birth:  _______/____/____   Sex:   Male___       Female:___      

                                    Month             Day        Year


Spouses Name:  __________________________________________________________

                           If applicable




Children’s Name(s) (if more room needed, please attach separate sheet)              Birth Dates (month/day/year)

_____________________________________________               ___________________
_____________________________________________               ___________________
_____________________________________________               ___________________
_____________________________________________               ___________________
_____________________________________________               ___________________


Please fill out Aboriginal side as complete and accurate as possible. Lack of documentation can cause longer delays in verification. Please allow up to 12 weeks for verification 

Name of…

(use maiden names(

Date of Birth (M/D/Y)


Where was S/he from?

(town, province)

Does S/he have

Aboriginal ancestry?

If yes, please indicate


Your mother









Your father









Your Mother’s Mother









Your Mother’s Father









Your Father’s Mother









Your Father’s Father












All material I submit in this certification is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that any intentionally misleading or false information will result in the termination of my AWMAT membership card.


Signature:__________________________________              Date:__________________


 This is signature part of the back of your AWMAT membership card.  Please sign the appropriate signature line below.  (Be sure to include this page with your application – also please stay within the lines)




Is Aboriginal under Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution Act , 1982. Estautochlone sous section 35 de la adoptee par le gouvemement du Canada sousla Constitution en 1982.





 Director’s Signature/Signature du Directeur