Our Mission


We thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us.     

Let us begin by sharing with you a little about our focal objectives.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Algonquin Woodland Métis Anishinabek Tribe (AWMAT) is to fulfill our promise to Mother Earth and the Creator and to open a path to self-Sufficiency for our members and their heirs. Our mission is to serve by facilitating collaboration between tribal businesses, economic, natural and cultural resources, Education programs, to identify areas of research and outreach that will positively affect the lives of the members of the tribe and their heirs

The collaborations will be based on respect, relevancy, responsibility, reciprocity

To: Develop research and disseminate findings that provide tribal policy makers with trustworthy information

.To; Create reciprocal agreements that increase access to education and communicate tribal perspectives that enable the Algonquin Woodland Métis Anishinabek Tribe to better respond to tribal needs in a manner respecting cultural values.

To; Create educational and technical employment training programs in order to fulfill the needs of tribal members to maintain their pride in regards to their own self sufficiency.

To; facilitate tribal access to funding from private foundations and public sources available for future enterprises in order to provide economic stability and growth to our community as well as to tribal members.

To; develop a talent database of needs for our tribe in order to utilize the talents of our tribal population before all others as well as provide for student and staff internships.

To; create a data base to compile information on possible funding sources as well as the criteria requirements for funding.

To; lastly, to encourage honest and ethical conduct in all business dealings in order to maintain the integrity and teaching of the Indian people.