Our legal standing

We as the Algonquin Woodland Metis Anishinabek Tribe are a federal corporation registered with Corporations Canada. Our Corporation# 8843066. We were incorporated April 2nd 2014 under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

For your confirmation and convenience, we welcome you to click on the following links which will take you to some of our many legal roots which weave and feed our foundation as a tribal nation:

This link will take you to the case of DANIELS c. CANADA, 2016 SCC-CSC 12 of which there are three declarations are sought in this case: (1) that Mé-tis and non-status Indians are “Indians” under s. 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867; (2) that the federal Crown owes a fiduciary duty to Métis and non-status Indians; and (3) that Métis and non-status Indians have the right to be consulted and negotiated with. The Daniels case now confirms that the term “Indians” in Canada’s 1867 Constitution means the same as the term “Aboriginal” today. Simply put, the term “Indians” includes all Indigenous peoples—First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation. The Supreme Court also stressed that Métis inclusion as “Indians” within s. 91(24) does not compromise the Métis Nation’s distinctiveness in any way. The Court went out of its way to reaffirm that “[t]here is no doubt that the Métis are a distinct people” and recognized that the “Métis Nation was … crucial in ushering in western and northern Canada into Confederation…”

The next one, is a landmark case known as  “THE MÉTIS HUNTING RIGHTS CASE”: R. v. POWLEY(Click  here to review the heart of the outcome Powley-English)which actually went to the Supreme Court  On March 17, 2003, the appeal was heard. On September 19, 2003, they upheld the decisions of the lower courts and the government’s appeal was dismissed. The court also established a ten-part test to be used in determining the Aboriginal rights of the Métis. This test is called the Powley test. The court also stated that establishing membership in a Métis community was not a simple task and must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Here you will find a very important letter we have that protects our right to be safe in our persons and with our sacrament medicines and artifacts… please review it for your own awareness and enlightenment: tony clement letter

And too, here is another link that will share with you a bit more of the many laws we as AWMAT stand on and implement into the weaving of our foundation: